What is the difference between an interview and a questionnaire?

The difference between an interview and a questionnaire are:

  Interview   Questionnaire
1. It is a form of interaction in which questions are asked directly to the respondents. i. It is a framework in which questions of scientific enquiry are written.
2. Questions may vary in their sequence according to the need of the situation. ii. Questions are in written in an appropriate sequence which is answered in written by the respondents.
3. Researcher and respondents are in face-to-face contact. iii. Researcher and respondents are not required to be in face-to-face contact.
4. Researcher can visit the respondents or call them at the office. iv. Researcher can go to the places to distribute the questionnaire or questions can be sent through e-mail and post.
5. The questions are flexible by nature. v. The questions are rigid.
6. Number of questions can be increased or decreased. vi. Number of questions cannot be changed.

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