Year Book Maths

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A Complete Quick Reference Guide for Quick Revision and Smart Practice for JEE Aspirants
   450 questions for Practice in Testing Mode
   More than 80 pages of 4 Coloured material for Quick Revision

Year Book Maths

This Book contains summarised theory of Following chapters along with 15 full length live tests
Chapter 1   Sets Relation and Functions
Chapter 2   Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations
Chapter 3   Matrices and Determinants
Chapter 4   Permutations and Combinations
Chapter 5   Mathematical Induction
Chapter 6   Binomial Theorem and its Simple Applications
Chapter 7   Sequences and Series
Chapter 8   Limit, Continuity and Differentiability
Chapter 9   Integral Calculus
Chapter 10 Differential Equations
Chapter 11 Co-ordinate geometry
Chapter 12 Three-Dimensional Geometry
Chapter 13  Vector Algebra
Chapter 14  Statistics and Probability
Chapter 15  Trigonometry
Chapter 16  Mathematical Reasoning
                                                  ABOUT THE BOOK
Maths Year book for JEE (Mains) is designed as a Quick Reference Guide with important Keynotes, and Formulae with 15 practice papers. The main objective of this book is to provide a final touch for the aspirants who want to revise their concepts along with some good number of practice questions designed strictly according to the pattern, syllabus and trends of previous year question papers.
This book stands out from other books available in the market for the following key features

Key Features:
  • Each and every chapters starts with important Key Notes, which consists of Definitions, Important Concepts, Applications and some examples along with the important illustrations. 
  • Each chapter has a section which covers all important Formulae, which is required to solve the problems from that particular chapter.
  • All the 15 test papers are designed strictly according to the guidelines and Pattern of JEE Mains. To provide exact simulation of JEE Mains it is advisable to attempt these papers in online Mode only.
This Year Book for IIT JEE (Mains) Maths is divided into 16 chapters. The book is designed in such a way that the important and repeated concepts are given more importance and covered in depth. 
In this book we have given more importance to the chapters like Complex Numbers, P and C, Binomials, Calculus, Co-ordinate and 3D Geometry, etc. as these topics cover the maximum number of questions in JEE Mains exam.
The aspirant using this book can make himself/herself assure that none of the important concepts or formulae will be missed and at the same time he/she will be aware of the latest pattern and trend of frequently asked questions in JEE Mains.

                                       ABOUT THE AUTHOR
This book in your hand is developed by a team of experts from Adeptia Educational Services Pvt. Ltd hailing from the background of Engineering and Medical Test Prep segment. The expert team of ADEPTIA is a cluster of qualified and experienced Subject Matter Experts who are into the field of competitive exams like IIT JEE, NEET, GATE, CAT, IBPS and CTET from past 30 years.
Adeptia Educational Services Pvt. Ltd is catering the present need of Test Prep segments and other academic verticals like study notes development, solution authoring, academic article writing, assessments and proofreading. The company is in collaboration with various e-learning portals, publishers & technical magazines extending its services from past 5 years across the globe.
While developing this book, a team of experts from all three subjects Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics were clubbed along with a pool of experienced editors. The team has put their extreme efforts in analyzing the latest trends and developed the contents according to the strict pattern of JEE. The team has tried its best to cover only the important concepts and questions to keep the book handy as Quick Reference Guide.


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Articles (16)
» Chapter 1. Sets Relation and Functions View
» Chapter 2. Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations View
» Chapter 3. Matrices and Determinants
» Chapter 4. Permutation and combination
» Chapter 5. Mathematical Induction
» Chapter 6. Binomial Theorem and its Simple Applications
» Chapter 7. Sequences and Series
» Chapter 8. Limit, Continuity and Differentiability
» Chapter 9. Integral Calculus
» Chapter 10. Differential Equations
» Chapter 11. Coordinate Geometry
» Chapter 12. 3-D Geometry
» Chapter 13. Vector algebra
» Chapter 14. Statistics and Probability
» Chapter 15. Trigonometry
» Chapter 16. Mathematical Reasoning
YBM - MT - 01 Start Test
Question : 30 (ENGLISH)   Duration : 180 Min.
YBM - MT - 02 
Question : 30 (ENGLISH)   Duration : 180 Min.
YBM - MT - 03 
Question : 30 (ENGLISH)   Duration : 180 Min.
YBM - MT - 04 
Question : 30 (ENGLISH)   Duration : 180 Min.
YBM - MT - 05 
Question : 30 (ENGLISH)   Duration : 180 Min.
YBM - MT - 06 
Question : 30 (ENGLISH)   Duration : 180 Min.
YBM - MT - 07 
Question : 30 (ENGLISH)   Duration : 180 Min.
YBM - MT - 08 
Question : 30 (ENGLISH)   Duration : 180 Min.
YBM - MT - 09 
Question : 30 (ENGLISH)   Duration : 180 Min.
YBM - MT - 10 
Question : 30 (ENGLISH)   Duration : 180 Min.
Full Length Mock Test - 01 
Question : 90 (ENGLISH)   Duration : 180 Min.
Full Length Mock Test - 02 
Question : 90 (ENGLISH)   Duration : 180 Min.
Full Length Mock Test - 03 
Question : 90 (ENGLISH)   Duration : 180 Min.
Full Length Mock Test - 04 
Question : 90 (ENGLISH)   Duration : 180 Min.
Full Length Mock Test - 05 
Question : 90 (ENGLISH)   Duration : 180 Min.

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