NEET UG 2023: Overview, Eligibility, Exam Dates, Syllabus

NEET UG 2023: Overview, Eligibility, Exam Dates, Syllabus


The Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), which is now known as the Ministry of Education (MoE), Government of India (GOI) has established the National Testing Agency (NTA) as an independent, autonomous and self-sustained premier testing organisation for conducting efficient, transparent and international standard tests in order to assess the competency of candidates for admission to premier higher education institutions.


Particulars Details
Exam name National Eligibility cum Entrance test
Conducting body National Testing Agency
Minimum eligibility 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, Biology
Minimum age 17 years age
Number of registered candidates (as per 2022) 18,72,341
Number of candidates appeared ( as per 2022) 16,14,777
Official website

NEET-UG Exam Eligibility Criteria 2023

  • NEET is mandatory for Indian/Overseas candidates for admission to a medical University in India.

  • Age Limit: The minimum age limit for NEET is 17 years on 31st December of the year of admission. There is no upper age limit for the NEET exam.

  • All India Quota seats: Foreign nationals and Overseas Citizen of India (OCI), NRIs, Person of Indian Origin (PIO) is entitled to the reservation under 15% All India Quota seats. J & K candidates are not eligible for 15% All India Quota seats.

  • Qualification: The candidate who is appearing or has appeared in the 12th may apply for NEET. Their admission is confirmed only after clearing the 12th exam.
    • Passed B.Sc. with any two of the Physics, Chemistry, Biology (Botany, Zoology)/Bio-technology from an Indian University.

    • Passed the first year of the University's three years' degree course in PCB

  • Number of Attempts: Candidates can attempt NEET as many times as they wish until they attain the maximum age limit.

NEET 2023 Exam Date

NEET 2023 Exam Date: The National Testing Agency (NTA) announces the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test or NEET-UG exam date 2023 at As per the latest update, NTA has released the examination calendar, including NEET UG 2023 exam date. As per official confirmation, NEET UG 2023 exam date is May 7.

NEET 2023 Exam Pattern

NEET 2023 Exam mode National Eligibility cum Entrance test Offline – Pen and paper mode
Type of Questions in NEET 2023 Objective type questions (MCQ’s)
Number of questions in NEET 2023 200 (20 Optional – 5 from Each Subject)
NEET 2023 Total Marks: 720 marks
NEET 2023 Marking Scheme Each correct answer will fetch 4 marks. 1 mark will be deducted for every wrong answer.


S.No. Subjects Syllabus
01 Physics Click Here
02 Chemistry Click Here
03 Biology Click Here

Strategies to Prepare for NEET-UG 2023

Competing with around 15 lakh NEET 2023 candidates requires hard work, dedication and smart guidance from experts. So, to do things differently from others that will make you crack NEET 2023 with flying colours, refer to the essential NEET 2023 preparation tips below.
  1. NEET 2023 aspirants must make handwritten notes to gain conceptual clarity and increase retention.

  2. Divide the chapters in all the subjects into easy, medium, and difficult levels and weightage. Start by preparing topics with the most weightage and those you find difficult

  3. Go through NCERTs line by line; make notes and highlight facts. Then study the same topics in elaboration from the NEET 2023 extra study material.

  4. Focus on Biology diagrams, Physics numerical and Chemistry reactions, and work on retaining them till the exam.

  5. Dont ignore the power of solving important questions from previous years question papers and sample papers and giving as many mock tests as possible.

How to make the most of the last 4 months before NEET-UG 2023

It is no secret that the last 4 months before NEET are crucial. This is the time when students need to put in the most effort to score well in the exam. But with so much to do and so little time, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Here, we are sharing why the last 4 months before NEET are so important, and provide some tips on how to make the most of them. By following these tips, you can maximize your chances of success in NEET-UG 2023.

Why the last 4 months before NEET are the most important

» The importance of making a study plan

The last 4 months before NEET are the most important because this is when you need to put all your effort into studying for the exam. You cannot just wing it during these last few months and expect to do well on the exam. You need to have a solid study plan that you stick to in order to give yourself the best chance of success.

Creating a study plan is important because it gives you a roadmap to follow as you prepare for the exam. It helps to ensure that you are covering all the material that will be on the test and allows you to track your progress as you go. Without a study plan, it is easy to get off track and waste time studying material that will not be on the exam.


» Time management during the last 4 months

Time management is also critical during the last 4 months before NEET. You need to make sure that you are using your time wisely and not wasting any time on activities that are not going to help you prepare for the exam. This means setting aside time each day for studying, and sticking to that schedule even when it's tempting to do something else. It also means avoiding procrastination, which can sabotage your efforts if you are not careful.

Procrastination can be a big problem during these final months, since there is so much pressure to do well on the exam. If you find yourself putting off studying, try breaking down your goals into smaller chunks or setting aside specific times each day for studying so that it feels less daunting. Whatever method works for you, make sure that you stay on track with your studies so that you are ready come test day.


» The importance of Self-Discipline

Self-discipline is key during the last 4 months before NEET. You need to be able discipline yourself enough to stick to your study schedule and avoid distractions. This can be difficult, especially if there are other things competing for your attention, but it's important to stay focused on your goal. Remember why you are doing this and keep your eye on the prize. If you can maintain self-discipline during these last few months, you’ll be in good shape come test day.  


Tips to make the most of the last 4 months before NEET

Making a study plan is one of the most important things you can do in the last 4 months before NEET. By creating a plan, you will be able to focus on what is most important and make the most efficient use of your time.

Your study plan should include a daily schedule of when you will study, what subjects you will cover, and how long you will study for each subject. It is also important to include breaks in your schedule so that you can rest and rejuvenate yourself.

It is also important to be flexible with your study plan. If you find that you are struggling with a particular subject, do not be afraid to adjust your schedule accordingly. The most important thing is that you stick to your plan and don't get discouraged if things don't go perfectly according to plan.

Don't in last 4 months before NEET exam

It is generally advised that students not take on new challenges in the final four months before their NEET exam. This is because, at this late stage in their preparation, they should be focused on consolidating their knowledge and refining their exam technique. Trying to learn new material or master new skills is likely to prove distracting and may even lead to students becoming disheartened if they find themselves struggling. Of course, every student is different and some may feel they need a change of pace in order to stay motivated. In this case, it is important to strike a balance between challenging oneself enough to maintain interest, but not so much that progress is hindered.

The last four months before NEET are the most important because they are when you need to focus on your studies the most. It is essential to make a study plan and stick to it in order to make the most of your time. Additionally, self-discipline is key during this period. By following these tips, you can make the most of the last four months before NEET.


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