Road Map to Conquer NEET 2022 From Home | E fast Forward

Road Map to Conquer NEET 2022 From Home | E fast Forward

2020 was significantly difficult for Competitive aspirants. Being at home, in lockdown, had proved to be tough for the education industry. Suppose we talk about NEET i.e. National Entrance and Eligibility Test.
It is the single entrance examination for all the Undergraduate Medical courses in the country. This examination is conducted by the NTA (National Test Agency). The number of applicants for this exam is increasing exponentially. In 2019 this was around 13.5 lakhs while 2020 had around 16 lakh applicants. 


Now think about the difficulty such a huge number of applicants faced in 2020. Low preparation levels, uncertainty in dates, resource/mentor search during the lockdown, etc were visible in most of the 2020 applicants.
These problems were totally uncalculated and arose all of a sudden in March, just a few days before the scheduled exam. Now problems apart and as we know that there is a solution to each and every problem.
In lieu of the same, this article provides a clear and crisp road map to prepare for the NEET examination at home.


The Road Map

To prepare for NEET under current Pandemic situations, honest efforts are required from the candidates. While preparing for NEET, one must make the most efficient and optimum use of all the available tools such as Preparation material (Both online and offline), seniors, friends, videos, school, or other teachers.


Important Points for the Road Map are given below:


1. Selection of correct study material is a very important deciding factor to success

Presently as most of the candidates are preparing from home, so the selection of quality study material is the first and most important task. The best resource for preparing for NEET 2021, as per experts and previous year’s toppers is NCERT. Therefore, candidates are required to grip the content of NCERT books first.

2. A practical study plan is a parallel need to conquer NEET 2022
Try to develop a targeted study plan which will be very helpful in tuning your studies well in time. ‘Science’ is defined as the systematic study of any subject. So, if someone wants to conquer NEET 2022, then a proper study plan is the prime prerequisite. Now, as every person has their weaknesses and strengths, hence it is suggestive that your study plan should be practical enough to accommodate both properly.

3. Increase confidence by solving previous year’s question papers repeatedly

Previous year’s question papers and mock tests are tools to revise as well as consolidate your knowledge. They are also helpful in knowing the Know-how of real exam. You can also minimize the fear of examination by practicing these papers. Thus boosting your confidence which can make you more aggressive and decisive. So, the more questions you answer and the more tests you take, the more likely you can crack the NEET exam 2022.

4. Be honest in your preparation
Candidates are required to be fair with themselves while preparing for NEET under such (present) conditions. Always remember that it’s you who can make a difference. In the success of a candidate, all the other factors such as school, parents, and teachers play a very minor role. So the right decision at right time is what makes you successful. This can only be done when you are honest about yourself and know what exactly your weak points are and how they can be shadowed. 

5. Subscribe to monthly magazines related to NEET preparations
It will help you revise faster during exam preparation. Such monthly magazines are the best guide because they contain everything that a candidate needs right from the study plan to tips for removing your weaknesses. Lots of MCQs are given with answers.

Fast Forward Magazines are the leading and trusted monthly magazine for NEET examination. Solved previous year papers, questions for live practice, Analysis of previous year’s exam, crucial topics with key points, trial and error methods, tricks, and various tips, all are covered in such magazines.

So if you are a candidate who is preparing for NEET 2022, and facing problems on how to go about it, follow the above simple steps to conquer the examination with Bang!!!!



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